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The Rise Of The Flexitarian – How Andina, Together With Our Partner Hydrosol, Can Help

Open any industry publication at the moment, and you are almost guaranteed to come across an article on the “Rise of the Flexitarian” with trend spotters predicting that a flexitarian lifestyle is the way of the future.

Flexitarians – or flexible vegetarians – are consumers who don’t want to give up meat entirely, but want to cut back, sometimes significantly – on their meat consumption.  The drivers behind this are compelling – perceived health benefits; concerns around sustainability; and animal welfare – and are likely to be more than a passing fad.

Acccording to Innova Market Insights, the Flexitarian can be more discerning than the vegetarian, looking for great tasting products that are “more reminiscent of meat”.  This has opened up significant opportunities for development among “fake” meat products that come close to the real thing.

How Can Andina Help?

Together with our partner Hydrosol, Andina offers a unique system – HydroTOP VEG – designed to help food manufacturers produce a vegetarian alternative to the hot dog, meat slices and mince with the typical texture of conventional meat.


Vegetarian and Vegan Cold Cuts


Vegetarian Hot Dogs

The benefits of this system include:

  • All-in compounds containing all the components necessary for the formulation of the sausage
  • Appeals to a wider range of consumers  –Clean label friendly / Vegetarian friendly / Halal & Kosher friendly
  • No flavour enhancers
  • Firm texture, pleasing bite typical of a conventional hot dog
  • Easy to use, requiring only a conventional cutter and a stuffing machine

For more information on HydroTOP VEG click on the links below:

HydroTop VEG15_Vegetarian Cold Cuts

HydroTop VEG_Vegetarian Hot Dogs

HydroTop VEG_Vegan Cold Cuts