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The Plantbaser™ – From idea to finished product samples in less than 2 weeks

Living up to their name as The Plant Based Pioneers, our Partner – Planteneers – has developed “The World’s 1st Online Product Configurator for Plant Based Foods”. The principle of individual product configuration is now common in a B2C context. Planteneers has put a huge amount of research, expertise and resource into creating a tool…

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Methylcellulose in plant-based meat alternatives? To use or not to use

As experts in plant-based development, we often get asked “Should we use methylcellulose?” It forms part of a broader conversation with our customers about how we ensure the optimal texture, succulence and performance of their plant-based products. Methylcellulose is derived from the treatment of naturally occurring cellulose to create a tasteless, colourless powder. It is…

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Andina Ingham talks to “The Plant Base” magazine about Innovating with ingredients

It was great to make a contribution to the recently launched “The Plant Base” magazine in their article “Innovating with ingredients”.  A chance to talk about the importance of the right choice of plant-based ingredients in optimising taste and texture in  meat and dairy alternatives. Also, interesting insights from our colleague Dr. Dorotea Pein at…

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When it comes to breaking plant-based barriers – experience matters!

The Challenge of Maximising Protein Content: As the plant-based food market continues to see tremendous growth worldwide, we examine one of the key challenges faced by developers: successfully formulating protein-rich alternatives. Across the globe, the popularity of plant-based foods shows no signs of abating. So much so that the international market value is currently predicted…

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Improving Texture & Final Eating Experience In Meat Free Products

Already a successful meat producer, our customer had moved into the vegetarian/vegan sector and wanted to improve the end product texture of their products.

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