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A New Book from Our Partner And Market Leader In Plant Based Solutions

Our partner Hydrosol, market leader in plant based solutions, has released a new book focusing on “Opportunities, Challenges and Future Nutrition Trends”. Marking Hydrosol’s 25th anniversary, “The Stabiliser People” discusses key developments in the food and nutrition industries over the past 25 years and also looks forward at emerging trends. Of course, plant based alternatives…

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Interested In The Market For Vegan Alternatives To Dairy?

Together with out partner, Hydrosol, Andina Ingham offers a range of  individual stabilising and texturing systems for a wide range of dairy alternatives.  We also have the technical expertise and NPD know-how to help you successfully expand your portfolio.   Click here to learn more  

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Major Study In The Lancet Recommends A Plant Focused Diet

A major new study by the EAT Lancet Committee seeking to figure out a healthy, sustainable diet on a global scale has concluded that consumers should reduce their red meat consumption and significantly increase their consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts and pulses. This adds to a growing body of opinion advocating the benefits of plant…

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Helping With Recipe Formulation & Processing Technology In The Non-Dairy Market

When a producer of non-dairy ingredients approached us for help in launching a range of non-dairy products in the UK market we were very happy to take on the project.

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Improving Texture & Final Eating Experience In Vegetarian Products

Already a successful meat producer, our customer had moved into the vegetarian/vegan sector and wanted to improve the end product texture of their products.

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Increasing Efficiency In The Dairy Sector

Back in 2016 we were contacted by a leading cheese manufacturer who was experiencing problems with product consistency and quality resulting in long periods of down time and high levels of spoilage.

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