Planteneers logo - The plant based pioneers.

Unrivalled expertise in plant-based product solutions, delivered in collaboration with our partner Planteneers.

Planteneers logo - The plant based pioneers.

We are very proud to be a partner of Planteneers – “Pioneers of the new generation of food” and a key player in the rapidly growing market for plant-based alternatives.

In September 2020, Planteneers evolved from a unit within Hydrosol GmbH to become an automomous company. This concentration of Hydrosol’s plant-based capabilities into a dedicated company with a focused strategy means continued exciting innovations and developments from our partner and for our customers.

For food manufacturers looking for help with their plant-based development, this partnership gives them access to Andina Ingham’s technical experience and to Planteneers’ customised function and texturing systems for plant-based alternatives.

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