Ingredients & Products

Sourcing the highest quality specialist wholesale ingredients for UK businesses.

As leading UK suppliers of specialist wholesale ingredients, we pride ourselves on being able to source high quality products across a comprehensive range of areas, including natural gums and stabilisers, specialist confectionery ingredients, canned, frozen & aseptic fruits, vegetables, & pulses, proteins, and customised blends for plant-based alternatives. Alongside this, we provide extensive product knowledge and technical support.

Natural gums and stabilisers

Natural Gums, Stablisers & Proteins

Our team boasts extensive experience in natural gums & stabilisers, partnering with expert European suppliers who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices.

Canned, Frozen & Aseptic Fruits, Vegetables & Pulses

Customised sourcing of canned, frozen and aseptic fruits, vegetables & pulses. Our dedicated buyers of fruit, vegetable and pulses begin by understanding the customer’s requirements, proposed use of product and desired outcome.  

Specialist Confectionery Ingredients

As established suppliers within the UK confectionery sector, Andina Ingham provides a range of high-quality products and tailored technical advice across the industry.

Systems & Solutions for Plant-based Product Development

Andina Ingham delivers custom stabilising & texturising systems for meat, fish, dairy, & deli alternatives. 


Textured Vegetable Proteins, Powdered Proteins, Protein Systems

Andina Ingham offers textured and functional proteins for use in a wide range of processed foods, including meat & meat alternatives, cereals and cereal bars, dry mixes and more.

Technical Support

Andina Ingham delivers custom stabilising & texturising systems for meat, fish, dairy, & deli alternatives.