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The Plantbaser™ – From idea to finished product samples in less than 2 weeks

Living up to their name as The Plant Based Pioneers, our Partner – Planteneers – has developed “The World’s 1st Online Product Configurator for Plant Based Foods”. The principle of individual product configuration is now common in a B2C context. Planteneers has put a huge amount of research, expertise and resource into creating a tool…

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J. Ingham Foods Ltd. Now Andina Ingham

Dear Ingham Customer, When the Managing Directors of J. Ingham Foods Ltd. and Andina Ingredients Ltd. – already close, personal friends – realised that they we working in the same building at St Julians Country Club, servicing the same sector – food manufacturing – and with the shared values of superior service, integrity and trust,…

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The Vegetarian and Vegan markets are exploding – are you ready for the opportunity?

It’s official – vegetarianism and veganism have gone mainstream.  With concerns over animal welfare, sustainability and personal health intensifying, the number of vegansin the UK is growing dramatically.  In May 2016, an Ipsos Mori poll of 10,000 people commissioned by the Vegan Society found that the vegan population in Britain was 3.5 times larger than…

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How Andina Ingham is Complying with the General Data protection Regulation (GDPR)

In compliance with the new GDPR regulations which come into effect on the 25th May 2018, Andina Ingham would like to show how it is taking all necessary measures for the protection of its data systems, customers and individuals’ personal data. Information that falls under GDPR legislation is “any information relating to an identified or…

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Andina Ingredients Now ISO9001 Certified

Andina Ingredients is delighted to announce that we have recently been  ISO 9001 Certified. Meeting expectations and delivering an excellent service has always been the focus for Andina Ingredients.  Over the years, we have built our systems and processes to reflect and support this and as a result we were able to successfully complete the…

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Andina Ingredients Ltd. has been appointed exclusive UK agent for Caglificio Clerici and Sacco

Andina Ingredients is delighted to announce that we have been appointed the exclusive UK agent for Caglificio Clerici and Sacco* – the Italian culture and enzyme specialists.           Caglificio Clerici and Sacco are long established, family owned, Italian companies with an impressive history of producing specialist ingredients for the Dairy Industry….

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Sports Nutrition Moves Mainstream As The Demand For Protein Rises – How Andina, Together With Our Partner Hydrosol, Can Help

As consumers continue to strive for a healthy lifestyle and as the population of many markets ages, the demand for protein fortification is rising and moving well beyond the traditional sports nutrition market. This trend is being exploited by many food manufactures across a variety of sectors notably cereal, dairy and bakery.  There are opportunities…

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The Rise Of The Flexitarian – How Andina, Together With Our Partner Hydrosol, Can Help

Open any industry publication at the moment, and you are almost guaranteed to come across an article on the “Rise of the Flexitarian” with trend spotters predicting that a flexitarian lifestyle is the way of the future. Flexitarians – or flexible vegetarians – are consumers who don’t want to give up meat entirely, but want…

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The Continued Rise in Demand for Clear Label And “Free From” – How Andina Together With Our Partner, Hydrosol, Can Help

Consumer interest in the origin and quality of their food continues to rise.  So too does their pre-occupation with “free-from” products.  With this, comes the increased scrutiny of nutritional and food ingredients labels.  In their overarching demand for simplicity and “back to basics” consumers favour fewer ingredients, and ingredients that are somehow familiar to them. …

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How Andina Ingredients, Together With Our Global Partner Hydrosol, Can Help Food Manufacturers Tap Into Key Market Trends

In mid-March, Andina’s Managing Director, Bruce Phillips, together with our New Business Development Manager, David Church, and our Sales/Technical Adviser, Ian Tregaskis, traveled to the Hydrosol Sales Network Meeting 2016 in Hamburg, Germany. Here, they attended a number of cutting edge presentations from both internal and external speakers including a talk from Lu Ann Williams,…

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NORELAC – Aqueous Shellac Solution With Enteric Coating Function

New to NOREVO’s portfolio of specialty ingredients – NORELAC – a ready-to-use, aqueous shellac solution ensuring the targeted release of the active substances in a.m. products.

NORELAC acts as an enteric coating solution for products in the following segments:
•Micronutrition Diet or nutrition supplements
•Phyto-medicinal products

The usual dosage forms of these products are soft gels, compound tablets, hard-shell capsules and pellets.

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Liquorice Extract For OTC Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics

Liquorice Extract is the natural, concentrated juice obtained by water and steam extraction from liquorice roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.).  Liquorice Extract is a foodstuff which is widely used as an ingredient for its aromatic, sweetening and debittering properties.  Besides applications in food and animal nutrition products, Liquorice Extract and/or some of its components, are used…

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New Stabilizing Systems Promote Innovative Product Ideas For The Yogurt Category

  Yogurt is a strong-selling category around the world. One reason is the variety of forms that yogurt products can take. Individual flavours, refined textures and innovative packaging continuously provide the market with new growth opportunities. Hydrosol offers dairies a way to expand on this success with innovative creations. The company has developed new stabilizing systems for…

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Frozen Foods – Ready to Reheat: Now Also With Mayonnaise And Ketchup

Ahrensburg, April 2015 – Frozen foods are everywhere in the convenience category. This isn’t just the case for grocery retail, but also for the out of home market, where snacks and baked goods are growth engines. With Hydrosol’s new all-in compounds, manufacturers can now include mayonnaise, remoulade and ketchup in frozen foods to profit from this growth through new products.

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Quick White – A whitening agent to replace titanium dioxide

QUICK WHITE – Declaration-Friendly Whitening Agent To Replace Titanium Dioxide In Pan-Coated Products  Our partner, Norevo GmbH (Germany) has launched a new Confectionery Performer product: Quick White. Quick White is a whitening agent to replace titanium dioxide in the production of light-coloured dragees. This new professional ingredient is a fine, white powder – more precisely…

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