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Natural Gums & Stabilisers
Unlock perfect textures with natural gums and stabilisers
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Canned, Frozen & Aseptic Fruits, Vegetables & Pulses
Customised sourcing of canned, frozen and aseptic fruits, vegetables & pulses
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Specialist Confectionery Ingredients
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Textured Vegetable Proteins, Powdered Proteins & Protein Systems
Plant-based protein solutions you can count on.
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Systems & Solutions for Plant Based Product Development
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A Specialist Range of Ingredients & Technical Expertise

As leading UK suppliers of specialist wholesale ingredients, we pride ourselves on being able to source high quality products across a comprehensive range of areas, including natural gums and stabilisers, specialist confectionery ingredients, canned, frozen & aseptic fruits, vegetables, & pulses, proteins, and customised blends for plant-based alternatives. Alongside this, we provide extensive product knowledge and technical support.

Ingredients and expertise that inspire food product development

Andina Ingham Ltd. is an established supplier of natural ingredients and technical development support to the food manufacturing sector.

We offer a comprehensive range of ingredients, including a variety of natural gums and stabilisers; a wide selection of quality canned, frozen and aseptic fruits, vegetables and pulses and highly specialised ingredients for use in plant based alternatives to meat and dairy. With such a range, many of our customers enjoy the benefits of single sourcing. Yet, supplying ingredients is only part of what Andina Ingham has to offer. We want to inspire our customers to grow. So, when required, we work closely with our customers and our key partners, sharing our extensive product knowledge and new product development know-how to increase process efficiencies, reduce costs and optimise NPD.

We are very proud of our reputation for personal, flexible and value-added service. Please read on to find out how we might be able to help your business.

Our Partners

Setting the Standard for Quality & Ethical Sourcing

At Andina Ingham, we’re committed to exceeding expectations in both quality and ethics. We continuously strive to improve our operational efficiency and supply chain management, ensuring the highest standards throughout every step of the process. Our BRCGS Agents & Brokers AA certification and Sedex membership reflect this dedication, guaranteeing customers peace of mind with every purchase.

Our Testimonials

We appreciate the close working relationship that we have built with our customers.
Here are some of their comments.

Leading manufacturer supplying the foodservice sector

“As a fairly new customer of Andina-Ingham, I have found them to be most professional in every aspect. My orders are always acknowledged and deliveries are made as per my request and complete. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.”

Long-standing family owned
UK food company

“We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Andina-Ingham due to their extensive knowledge of the markets in which they operate and their deep understanding of our business requirements, which is all carried out in a professional and friendly manner”

Award winning niche producer of condiments and dips

“Fantastic customer service and fast, efficient delivery of goods ordered. I have changed from other suppliers to use Andina-Ingham as they provide a consistently good service and are a pleasure to work with.”