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Red Kidney Beans (canned & frozen)

canned red kidney beansWe supply red kidney beans in both canned and frozen formats.

Our canned red kidney beans are processed and packed by a highly reputable and fully accredited company based in Naples.  Our processor’s excellent product knowledge and many years of experience in the business means that our canned pulses are of consistently high quality with a tender texture, and full flavour.

Our IQF kidney beans are sourced in Poland and provide full flavour, high colour and firm texture.

Our pulses are hugely versatile for use in a range of applications such as soups, salads and ready meals.  They are a popular choice for the growing vegetarian and vegan sectors.


Red Kidney Beans Brine 6/KC3 Italy Canned
IQF Red Kidney Beans Blue Poly Sacks 1 X10kg Poland Frozen

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