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Canned Apricots

We supply canned apricots from the sunny South East of Spain and the Western Cape, South Africa.  Our Spanish apricots are of the popular Golden Bulida variety and are known for their sweetness and intense flavour.  All of our canned apricot products offer a consistent taste and appearance.  They are of moderate firmness and uniform colour.

We offer a variety of sizes and formats (canned, frozen and aseptic) to meet a range of needs.

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Apricot Halves In Syrup 6/A10 South Africa Canned
Apricot Diced 10mm In Syrup 6/A10 South Africa Canned
IQF Apricot Diced 10x10 Bag-in-Box 1 x 10kg Various Frozen
Apricot 30-32° Brix Bag-in-Box 1 x 20kg Various Aseptic
Apricot Pulp 90/95 Solid Pack 6/4.5kg South Africa Canned
Apricot Pulp Machine Cut Solid Pack 6/4.6kg Spain Canned

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