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Specialist Confectionery Ingredients

Gelatine-free texturisers for chewy sweets & toffees

Through our unique partnership with Norevo, we supply two high-performing texturisers that allow for the creation of individual textures and chewing characteristics for chewy candy, toffees or soft, elastic filling compounds:

QUICK CHEW – A gelatine-free texturiser for chewy sweets and toffees

  • Based on raw materials of vegetable origin
  • For sugar-based and sugar-free chewy candy
  • Enables tailored, gelatine-free textures
  • Suitable for the production of vegetarian candy
  • Available in certified-organic quality

QUICK MIXX – Texturiser for uncooked chewy sweets

  • For the production of kneaded chewy candy masses (z-kneader)
  • Enables the production of chewy candy on drop roller
  • No cooking necessary
  • Applicable in combination with or without gelatine
  • Applicable in combination with sugar or polyols


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