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Full-Service Solutions for Plant Based Product Development

We supply specialised plant-based stabilising and texturing systems for use in the development of plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, deli and dairy products. Combining these ingredients with our technical advice and expertise, Andina Ingham works with food manufacturers to develop the kind of plant-based products that consumers want to eat.

The move to plant based consumption has been called “The Dietary Shift of the Century”.  As consumers’ interest in personal health and well-being, sustainability, animal welfare and the environment continues to grow, the demand for plant based alternatives grows with it.

Through our partnership with Planteneers, a leading player in plant-based innovation, Andina Ingham can help all the way from concept development, through recipe formulation, to market readiness.  Using our expertise and experience in product development and application technology, we can help you significantly reduce your development effort and costs, while accelerating your access to the meat free and dairy free markets.

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Vegan Ingredients for Dairy Alternatives

Vegan Ingredients for Meat Alternatives

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Plant-based Fish Alternatives

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