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Plant based alternatives to gelatine for chewy sweets and bon bons

Through our partnership with Norevo GmbH, Andina Ingham offers plant based texturisers for the simplified production of gelatine free chewy sweets that can be either cooked or uncooked.  

For Cooked Chewy Sweets – the GELATINE FREE texturiser is called Quick Chew:

  • Based on raw materials of vegetable origin
  • For sugar-based and sugar-free chewy candy
  • Suitable for the production of vegetarian candy
  • Provides elasticity and stability with gelatin-like chewing properties
  • Available in certified-organic quality

For Uncooked Chewy Sweets  – Quick Mixx:

  • For the production of kneaded chewy candy (without cooking)
  • Based on gum arabic and other selected hydrocolloids
  • Applicable with sugar or sugar-free

Our technical experts work closely with our confectionery customers on recipe formulation and processing techniques to achieve their individual texture requirements in all kinds of gelatine free chewy sweets.

As these texturisers  are compounds of ingredients derived solely from vegetable origin, they are suitable for use in kosher and halal certified products.

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