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Specialist Confectionery Ingredients

Glazing agents for sugar pan-coated products

Our partner Norevo offers a range of “Quick Glanz” products for an optimal pan-coating result. Even at small dosage levels, these agents provide a stable and long-lasting gloss for hard or soft sugar-coated candy. They create a protective film on the product surface which prevents the individual pieces from sticking together.

The Quick Glanz range is composed of various natural waxes and oils as listed below and creates a brilliant gloss within a short period of time.

Quick Glanz H – Liquid carnauba was dispersion for direct application
Quick Glanz M – Mixture of micronized beeswax and carnauba wax
Quick Glanz C – Pure, sprayed carnauba wax powder
Quick Glanz L – Wax dispersion in highly stable vegetable oil
Quick Glanz K – Micro-crystalline polishing wax powder

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