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Specialist Food Ingredients

Through our long-standing partnerships with leading EU sector specialists we are able to supply innovative and highly specialised ingredients across a number of sectors including Confectionery, Dairy, and Vegetarian and Vegan.

For example, as exclusive UK agent for Clerici Sacco, the Italian culture & enzyme specialist, we can offer our customers a range of frozen and freeze dried starter cultures for direct VAT or bulk starter use.  We also provide the specialist technical assistance that can play a critical role in helping our customers choose the right product and achieve the required performance and end product differentiation.

In confectionery, we work very closely with several manufacturers to replace gelatine with a vegan alternative to improve their end products and increase their customer base. We also supply a range of confectionery performers such as polishing agents, souring agents, pre-coating agents

For a full list of our Specialist Ingredients, please see below.

Specialist Food Ingredients

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