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Specialist Food Ingredients

We have been supplying specialist, natural ingredients to the food manufacturing sector for over a decade.

“The Texture Experts” – we specialise in improving our customers’ end-product texture.  We do this in two ways.  The first is through our extensive range of products, including gums, starches, stabilising & emulsifying systems, fruit & vegetable fibres and starter cultures. The second is by providing in-depth technical advice and expertise from our own team here in the UK and through our partnerships with leading EU sector specialists.

These partnerships also allow us to to offer innovative and highly specialised ingredients across a number of sectors, notably Confectionery, Dairy, Vegetarian / Vegan & Free From.  For example, we work in close partnership with our dairy customers to provide exactly the right combinations of starter cultures for their cheeses.  We provide highly customised stabiliser systems for some of our yogurt producing customers.  In confectionery, we work very closely with several manufacturers to replace gelatine with a vegetarian alternative to improve their end products and increase their customer base.

Specialist Food Ingredients

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