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Andina Ingredients Ltd. has been appointed exclusive UK agent for Caglificio Clerici and Sacco

Andina Ingredients is delighted to announce that we have been appointed the exclusive UK agent for Caglificio Clerici and Sacco* – the Italian culture and enzyme specialists.







Caglificio Clerici and Sacco are long established, family owned, Italian companies with an impressive history of producing specialist ingredients for the Dairy Industry.  The story began in 1872 on the edges of Lake Como in Northern Italy with the foundation of Caglificio Clerici.  The latter started out by producing animal rennet for use in the making of traditional cheeses such as Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano.  Today, Caglificio Clerici is the largest producer of rennet in the world and, since 2014, the world’s only producer of Kosher rennet.

Sacco is a biotech company with a commitment to “Tailor-Made Innovation”.  It was founded in 1934 by Vittorio Sacco and is expert in the production and packaging of selected frozen and lyophilised, microbial cultures for use in the production of probiotic products.

Over the years, Caglificio Clerici and Sacco have built strong reputations in the following areas:

  • Dairy Starter Cultures – freeze dried and frozen
  • Adjunct Cultures
  • Moulds, Yeasts and Surface Ripening Cultures
  • Protective Cultures
  • Probiotics
  • Rennet, Coagulants and Other Dairy Enzymes

The companies share a number of core strengths:

  • The high quality of their products
  • Continuous innovation coupled with a focus on staff training and development
  • The ability to work closely with clients to provide high-value, specialist, technical support
  • Numerous accreditations, including FSSC 22000

According to Andina’s Managing Director, Bruce Phillips “We are very excited by the opportunities that this new partnership brings to our customers.  Not only will our customers have access to high quality, tailor made cultures and enzymes, but they will also benefit from first class, technical support.  With access to technical expertise both in the UK and from the parent plant, our customers can expect advice on how to use our products to achieve faster, more efficient production.  We can also help with product differentiation through customised taste and texture profiles.

At a time when manufacturers are under ever increasing pressure to provide value-for-money yet highly differentiated products, we are confident that our experts have the production understanding and application skills to really make a difference.  This new relationship is a great boost to Andina’s strategy of growing in the area of natural speciality ingredients and is a perfect complement to our existing partnerships. ”

For further information please contact:

Mr Bruce Phillips

Managing Director

Andina Ingredients Ltd

[email protected]

Tel: +44 (0) 1732 453 333

*Caglificio Clerici and Sacco are part of Sacco System, a network of four independent companies – Caglificio Clerici, Sacco, CSL, Kemikalia – which share resources and know-how but still maintain their unique characteristics and expertise.  To learn more, please visit the Sacco System website at

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