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Full-Service Solutions for Plant Based Product Development

Stabilising & texturising systems for plant based meat & chicken products in a variety of formats

The dramatic growth in meat reduction lifestyles is opening up the market for plant-based foods to millions more consumers.  The challenge for the food manufacturer looking to succeed in this market often lies in providing meat free alternatives with the sought after TEXTURE, bite and taste of conventional meat products.

Andina Ingham works in partnership with Planteneers, a global leader in texture solutions. Planteneers specialises in identifying and developing new raw materials for the growing market in vegetarian and vegan foods.  They have extensive knowledge of proteins from different vegetable sources as well as plant fibres.

Working closely with our customers and our partner, we are able to offer our customers unique and customised stabilising systems for binding and improving texture and moisture in a wide range of meat free products including alternatives to sausages, burgers, deli meats, meat-balls…

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The following declarations are possible:

Vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal

Free From: meat, phosphates, dairy, gluten and egg

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