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Natural Gums, Stabilisers & Proteins

Cellulose Gum – CMC

Cellulose gum, also known as Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, SCMC or CMC is a modified natural cellulose product with some major advantages for use in the food industry.

We supply a variety of grades to suit your needs from low to high viscosity solutions.  Our products are of consistent quality and high purity (meeting FAO/WHO/FDA standards).

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Thickening and binding
Inhibiting growth of crystals
Suspending and stabilising
Improving and modifying rheological properties of gels and pastes
Giving extra body to ices and instant drinks
Foam stabilising
Improving the shelf life of bakery products
Reducing fat take up

Suitable For

All Food Products
Allergen Free
Vegetarian & Vegan

Available In

25kg Bags

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