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Depending on our customers’ specific requirements, we offer a range of sweetcorn products in a variety of formats (canned and IQF).

We can supply standard or super sweet product.  Low/no salt and low/no sugar.  Packed in brine or vacuum packed.

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Sweetcorn Whole Kernals Various Pouches
Sweetcorn Whole Kernals 6/KC3 Canned
Sweetcorn Whole Kernals 6/A10 Canned
Sweetcorn Whole Kernals 24/326grm Canned
Sweetcorn Whole Young Baby Corn, 150 Count 6/A10 Canned
Sweetcorn Whole Young Baby Corn, 150 Count 24/KC1 Canned
IQF Sweetcorn Whole Kernals 10kg Bag-in-Box Frozen

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