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Specialist Confectionery Ingredients

Pre-coating & coating agents

Our partner Norevo offers a wide range of high performing pre-coating and coating agents.

Two of our favourites are Quick Coat and Quick Coll which we describe below. You can see Norevo’s complete range by clicking here

Quick Coat is a multifunctional pre-coating or gumming agent used for the pre-treatment, standardization and stabilization of pan-coated products. Suitable for sugar or chocolate products either based on saccharose or polyols.

Its main properties are:

  • smoothes the surface
  • promotes an even covering
  • improves adhesion between centr and coating layers
  • creates a barrier against migration of fat, acid and humidity
  • increases heat-stability
  • increases heat stability against mechanical stress
  • suitable for sugar-containing and sugar-free candy

Quick Coll is a food grade adhesive for applications within the snack and confectionery sectors. It is a mixture of selected, natural hydrocolloids.

It’s main properties are:

  • provides a stable coating adhesion with short drying time
  • minimises the rub-off effect and related spice loss
  • allows for a uniform distribution of particles on the product surface
  • builds up a protecting and isolating surface layer that reduces the risk of fat/moisture migration
  • gives a subtle surface shine

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