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Plant-based Ingredients for Vegetarian & Vegan Foods

Vegan and plant-based stabilisers and emulsifiers

For today’s plant based consumer, simply being “dairy free” is not enough.  Non dairy alternatives have to perform on taste, texture and eating experience: cheese must melt, cream must whip, ice cream must have a creamy mouth feel.

Working closely with individual customers and our partner, Hydrosol, we offer customised stabilising and texturising systems for a range of dairy alternatives.  These systems impart properties that are very close to those of foods made from cow’s milk.  For example:

Cultured non-dairy yogurts and desserts: Based on alternatives like almond and coconut milk.  No milk components, soy or gluten but have a texture like that of traditional yogurt.

Plant based alternatives to cheese: Without milk components or gluten.   Can have the same melting and slicing properties as the animal based version. We also supply vegan starter cultures.

Non diary ice cream: Made without milk components, soy or gluten.  Soft melting, with a creamy mouth feel.

Non dairy cream: Easy to use with a high whipping volume and the required fat content.

Non dairy cream cheese: Without milk components, soy or gluten.  Light in colour, with a creamy texture.

Non dairy milk: Without milk components, soy or gluten with an appealing flavour

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