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Plant-based Solutions for Vegetarian & Vegan Foods

Stabilising systems for vegan alternatives to dairy products

For today’s plant based consumer, simply being “dairy free” is not enough.  Non dairy alternatives have to perform on taste, texture and eating experience: cheese must melt, cream must whip, ice cream must have a creamy mouth feel.

Working closely with individual customers and our partner, Planteneers, we offer customised stabilising and texturising systems for a range of dairy alternatives.  These systems guarantee balanced sensory properties, a familiar consistency and good processing properties. As pioneers in the plant-based arena, Planteneers is continuously expanding its range, not just relying on soy, for example.

Alternatives include:

Alternatives to milk and barista milk

Alternative to pudding

Alternative to whipped cream

Alternative to yoghurt

Alternative to sour cream

Alternatives to pizza cheese, sliced cheese, feta and grilled cheese

Alternatives to ice cream


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