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Natural Gums, Stabilisers & Proteins

Fruit & Vegetable Fibres

Fruit and vegetable fibres are added to many foods to give a declared fibre contribution. They can be extracted from many different sources.  However, many also have functional benefits in foods to give stabilising properties which are most useful in formulating natural and “clean dec” products.  With the growth of vegetarian and vegan foods they are particularly relevant.

Our partner Hydrosol has selected a number of very useful fibres and also combined different types of fibres to give the optimum functionality.

These are part of the Stabisol and HydroTOP range.



Fat Replacement
Sugar Reduction
Water Binding


Dairy Products – drinks, yogurts, ice cream and desserts
Mayonnaise & Dressings
Non–Dairy Creams
Vegetarian & Vegan products

Suitable For

All Food Products
Allergen Free
Vegetarian & Vegan

Available in 10, 25 and 200kg bags

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