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Rennet, Coagulants & Other Dairy Enzymes

Andina-Ingham is very proud to be the exclusive UK agent for Clerici Sacco, the Italian culture & enzyme specialist.  In partnership with Clerici Sacco, we offer our customers a range of coagulants, rennet and other dairy enzymes.  In addition, we provide specialist technical assistance and an in-depth product knowledge that can play a critical role in helping our customers choose the right product and achieve the required performance and end product differentiation.

Different types of coagulants:

Animal Rennet:
  • Sourced from the 4thstomach of calves
  • Contains small quantities of other enzymes as well as chymosin adding diversity of flavour compared to pure enzymes.
  • Not Halal, Not Vegetarian
  • Kosher
Fermentation produced Chymosin:
  • 100% chymosin
  • Produced using a genetically modified microorganism although the finished product does not contain GMO
  • Vegetarian status
  • Vegan status
  • Kosher
Microbial Coagulant:
  • Coagulant produced by fermentation using naturally occurring fungi
  • Microbial  more specific in action
  • Vegetarian
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Kosher

In addition to coagulants, we can supply other dairy enzymes for flavour development, for example, lipases.

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