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Natural Gums & Stabilisers

Much of what we do at Andina Ingham centres around helping our customers achieve the optimal texture in their food product development.

We supply an extensive range of natural gums and stabilisers as shown below.  We also provide in-depth technical advice and expertise from our own team here in the UK and through our partnerships with leading EU sector specialists.

Our particular area of expertise is in improving the texture and mouthfeel of plant-based food products. We work in partnership with Hydrosol GmbH, a global leader in the development of texturising and stabilising systems for plant-based alternatives.  Since 2014, Hydrosol has been using its extensive application technology and knowledge of plant proteins to focus on improving the texture, bite and flavour of alternative meat and dairy products. Indeed, Hydrosol has played a key part in the development of many of the innovative and well-known plant-based products currently on the market.

Drawing on Hydrosols’ range of latest generation plant based stabilising and texturising systems, Andina Ingham’s technical experts work closely with our customers to find quick and cost effective solutions to their texture problems.

Natural Gums & Stabilisers

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