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Partnerships play an important role at Andina Ingham.  Our exclusive relationships with some of Europe’s leading ingredients suppliers means that we give our customers access to a highly specialised range of products.  In addition, our partnership arrangements enable us to offer an extremely high level of technical support.  We are very fortunate in having access to two of our partners’ – Hydrosol’s and Norevo’s – application based production plants in Germany to support our customers’ development process.  These state-of-the-art facilities offer systems usually found in our customers’ factories, allowing us to precisely replicate our customers’ processes and make small scale trials when required.

HYDROSOL – “The Stabiliser People”

Hydrosol is a fast-growing international supplier of stabilising and texturing systems for the food industry.  With state-of-the-art R&D and pilot plant facilities based in Germany, they develop and produce tailor-made stabilising systems for the food industry.

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Norevo is an industry leader in the supply, development and production of natural raw materials and process-optimised speciality ingredients with the main focus on Confectionery Performers, Liquorice and Gum Arabic. They boast a state-of-the-art analytical and technical laboratory which is involved not only in quality assurance but also in product development and trial runs for ongoing development projects.

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Caglficio Clerici and Sacco – The Italian Culture and Enzyme Specialists

Caglificio Clerici and Sacco are long established, family owned, Italian companies with an impressive history of producing specialist ingredients for the Dairy Industry. They specialise in the production and supply of:

  • Dairy Starter Cultures – freeze dried and frozen
  • Adjunct Cultures
  • Moulds, Yeasts and Surface Ripening Cultures
  • Protective Cultures
  • Probiotics
  • Rennet, Coagulants and Other Dairy Enzymes

They form part of Sacco System, a network of four independent companies – Caglificio Clerici, Sacco, CSL, Kemikalia – which share resources and know-how while still maintaining their unique characteristics and expertise.

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MUHLENCHEMIE – “Makes good flours even better”

Mühlenchemie is a customer-oriented service provider offering intelligent solutions for flour standardisation and flour improvement as well as baking premixes for ready-mixed and composite flours. They develop innovative flour improvement systems at their own high-end laboratories.

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STERNENZYM – “The Enzyme designer”

SternEnzym create multi-enzyme compounds for the production of baked goods, pasta, dairy products, alcoholic drinks and much more. They create each enzyme compound individually, in close cooperation with their customers.

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DEUTSCHEBACK– “better baking”

DeutscheBack develops baking premixes, baking ingredients and convenience products for the efficient and cost-effective production of baked goods. They regularly develop innovative products at their modern trial bakery, and applications laboratories in close cooperation with customers.

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