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Partnerships play an important role at Andina Ingham.  Our exclusive relationships with some of Europe’s leading ingredients suppliers means that we give our customers access to a highly specialised range of products.  In addition, our partnership arrangements enable us to offer an extremely high level of technical support.  We are very fortunate in having access to two of our partners’ – Hydrosol’s and Norevo’s – application based production plants in Germany to support our customers’ development process.  These state-of-the-art facilities offer systems usually found in our customers’ factories, allowing us to precisely replicate our customers’ processes and make small scale trials when required.


We are very proud to be a partner of Planteneers – “Pioneers of the new generation of food” and a key player in the rapidly growing market for plant-based alternatives.

In September 2020, Planteneers evolved from a unit within Hydrosol GmbH to become an automomous company. This concentration of Hydrosol’s plant-based capabilities into a dedicated company with a focused strategy means continued exciting innovations and developments from our partner and for our customers.

For food manufacturers looking for help with their plant-based development, this partnership gives them access to Andina Ingham’s technical experience and to Planteneers’ customised function and texturing systems for plant-based alternatives.

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Norevo is an industry leader in the supply, development and production of natural raw materials and process-optimised speciality ingredients with the main focus on Confectionery Performers, Liquorice and Gum Arabic. They boast a state-of-the-art analytical and technical laboratory which is involved not only in quality assurance but also in product development and trial runs for ongoing development projects.

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Our partner Hydrosol has established itself as a centre of excellence for the development of stabilising and texturising systems for the food industry. The “Stabiliser People” create tailor-made functional systems for dairy products, vegetable whipping creams, cheese preparations, mayonnaises and dressings, sauces and ketchups, meat and sausage products and fish products. The firm’s activities revolve around applications research at its own Technology Centre in Hamburg-Ahrensburg, Germany. With Andina Ingham’s technical expertise and access to Hydrosol’s multifunctional system solutions we can offer our customers creative and costeffective support in meeting their food production challenges.

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