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Sports Nutrition Moves Mainstream As The Demand For Protein Rises – How Andina, Together With Our Partner Hydrosol, Can Help

As consumers continue to strive for a healthy lifestyle and as the population of many markets ages, the demand for protein fortification is rising and moving well beyond the traditional sports nutrition market.

This trend is being exploited by many food manufactures across a variety of sectors notably cereal, dairy and bakery.  There are opportunities for those who can diversify with great tasting products that tap into the “healthy living” platform.

How Can Andina Help?

Popular additions to the dairy market, for example, include drinks, shakes, yogurt and whey based drinks based on different protein addition rates, vitamins & minerals.

Andina’s partner – Hydrosol – has developed a range of milk protein systems to suit such products, whether based in neutral pH milk or low pH cultured products.

The challenge is to maintain an acceptable viscosity for drinking and be neutral and clean tasting to give a good flavour profile with chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla etc.

These milk protein systems are used in combination with other vegetable gums to give mouthfeel to low fat products and give stability over shelf life.

They also are designed to suit different processing factors depending on which type of homogenisation and different fill temperatures are available to processors

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